- Our Mission -

To inculcate the programming culture in University


Bitwise is JUET's Programming Hub which focuses on improving the Programming culture at the institute. In its initial stages, BITWISE was a team of people with code at their fingertips, who were ready to share their knowledge and grow both individually and along with the troupe. Now, the scenario is different.BITWISE is more than just a team. It has grown into a full-fledged programming and development community strengthened by students from every nook and corner of the University, who share the craze and harbour the singular mindset of growth. At BITWISE, JUET we aim to make learning fun and raise the spark of competition among the students through our events and competitions. Here, no one grows alone. Students from all years learn equally in our Code Classes and compete on the same ground in our Kodeathons. Apart from these, our events at the annual tech-fest are equally interactive and challenging.In a nutshell, BITWISE is a community of students who are willing to learn. We hope you will be one of them.